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Library for MQL5 (MetaTrader) with support for Spark
CSerializationRead Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void setStruct (const int serialHandle, int arraySize=-1)

Public Attributes

bool BOOL
bool BOOL_ARRAY []
char CHAR
char CHAR_ARRAY []
uchar UCHAR
uchar UCHAR_ARRAY []
short SHORT
short SHORT_ARRAY []
ushort USHORT
ushort USHORT_ARRAY []
int INT
int INT_ARRAY []
uint UINT
uint UINT_ARRAY []
long LONG
long LONG_ARRAY []
ulong ULONG
ulong ULONG_ARRAY []
datetime DATETIME
datetime DATETIME_ARRAY []
float FLOAT
float FLOAT_ARRAY []
double DOUBLE
double DOUBLE_ARRAY []
string STRING
string STRING_ARRAY []

Member Function Documentation

◆ setStruct()

virtual void CSerializationRead::setStruct ( const int  serialHandle,
int  arraySize = -1 

Member Data Documentation


bool CSerializationRead::BOOL


bool CSerializationRead::BOOL_ARRAY[]


char CSerializationRead::CHAR


char CSerializationRead::CHAR_ARRAY[]


datetime CSerializationRead::DATETIME


datetime CSerializationRead::DATETIME_ARRAY[]


double CSerializationRead::DOUBLE


double CSerializationRead::DOUBLE_ARRAY[]


float CSerializationRead::FLOAT


float CSerializationRead::FLOAT_ARRAY[]


int CSerializationRead::INT


int CSerializationRead::INT_ARRAY[]


long CSerializationRead::LONG


long CSerializationRead::LONG_ARRAY[]


short CSerializationRead::SHORT


short CSerializationRead::SHORT_ARRAY[]


string CSerializationRead::STRING


string CSerializationRead::STRING_ARRAY[]


uchar CSerializationRead::UCHAR


uchar CSerializationRead::UCHAR_ARRAY[]


uint CSerializationRead::UINT


uint CSerializationRead::UINT_ARRAY[]


ulong CSerializationRead::ULONG


ulong CSerializationRead::ULONG_ARRAY[]


ushort CSerializationRead::USHORT


ushort CSerializationRead::USHORT_ARRAY[]