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Library for MQL5 (MetaTrader) with support for Spark
COrderDataObject Class Reference

Detailed Description

The object for COrderData.

Inheritance diagram for COrderDataObject:

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Public Member Functions

 COrderDataObject (string symbol, ENUM_TIMEFRAMES period, int variant, bool sell, double openprice, datetime opentime, int takeprofit, int stoploss, int maxbars)
virtual bool compare (COrderDataObject &order)

Public Attributes

string order_symbol
double order_point
ENUM_TIMEFRAMES order_period
int order_variant
bool order_sell
double order_openprice
datetime order_opentime
datetime order_opentimebar
double order_closeprice
datetime order_closetime
int order_takeprofit
int order_stoploss
int order_profit
int order_bars
int order_maxbars
int order_count

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ COrderDataObject()

COrderDataObject::COrderDataObject ( string  symbol,
int  variant,
bool  sell,
double  openprice,
datetime  opentime,
int  takeprofit,
int  stoploss,
int  maxbars 

Member Function Documentation

◆ compare()

virtual bool COrderDataObject::compare ( COrderDataObject order)

Member Data Documentation

◆ next

COrderDataObject * COrderDataObject::next

◆ order_bars

int COrderDataObject::order_bars

◆ order_closeprice

double COrderDataObject::order_closeprice

◆ order_closetime

datetime COrderDataObject::order_closetime

◆ order_count

int COrderDataObject::order_count

◆ order_maxbars

int COrderDataObject::order_maxbars

◆ order_openprice

double COrderDataObject::order_openprice

◆ order_opentime

datetime COrderDataObject::order_opentime

◆ order_opentimebar

datetime COrderDataObject::order_opentimebar

◆ order_period

ENUM_TIMEFRAMES COrderDataObject::order_period

◆ order_point

double COrderDataObject::order_point

◆ order_profit

int COrderDataObject::order_profit

◆ order_sell

bool COrderDataObject::order_sell

◆ order_stoploss

int COrderDataObject::order_stoploss

◆ order_symbol

string COrderDataObject::order_symbol

◆ order_takeprofit

int COrderDataObject::order_takeprofit

◆ order_variant

int COrderDataObject::order_variant

◆ prev

COrderDataObject* COrderDataObject::prev