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Library for MQL5 (MetaTrader) with support for Spark
CArrayList< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CArrayList< Type >, including all inherited members.

add(const Type element)CArrayList< Type >
add(int index, const Type element)CArrayList< Type >
addAll(const Type &list[])CArrayList< Type >
addAll(const CArrayList< Type > &list)CArrayList< Type >
addAll(int index, const Type &list[])CArrayList< Type >
addAll(int index, const CArrayList< Type > &list)CArrayList< Type >
CArrayList(int _reserve=0)CArrayList< Type >
clear()CArrayList< Type >
contains(const Type o)CArrayList< Type >
elementsCArrayList< Type >protected
get(int index)CArrayList< Type >
getReserve()CArrayList< Type >
indexOf(const Type o)CArrayList< Type >
isEmpty()CArrayList< Type >
lastIndexOf(const Type o)CArrayList< Type >
operator[](int index)CArrayList< Type >
remove(int index)CArrayList< Type >
removeAll(const Type &list[])CArrayList< Type >
removeFirst(const Type o)CArrayList< Type >
removeList(const Type &list[], bool saveOnlyList=false)CArrayList< Type >protected
reserveCArrayList< Type >protected
retainAll(const Type &list[])CArrayList< Type >
set(int index, const Type element)CArrayList< Type >
setReserve(int _reserve)CArrayList< Type >
size()CArrayList< Type >
subList(Type &dst_array[], int dst_start=0, int src_start=0, int count=WHOLE_ARRAY)CArrayList< Type >
toArray(Type &dst_array[])CArrayList< Type >